Our Expertise

Our team of engineers is specialized in seeking creative and intelligent solutions for many different areas involving signal processing, mission critical, real-time systems.
Embedded Systems
Signal Processing
Operating Systems

The challenge of meeting the most demanding requirements of the automotive, metro-rail and aviation industries is the fuel that drives our team of engineers in the search of creative solutions, high reliability and cost effective with the customer's goals.


We have specialists with over 30 years of expertise in embedded systems .

Since 2001, Syspac is a development partner of Texas Instruments Inc., in the "Third-Party" program, being one of the first in South America to have their DSP algorithms approved in eXpressDSP standard.


We have a vast library of algorithms for many different families of DSP processors that includes vocoders, file systems, E1 framers, ISDN, audio analysis, etc.

We work on any operating environment, especially in real-time systems and open source. We have applications development and device drivers specialists in several programming languages.


Our portfolio includes developments in DSP/BIOS, QNX, Linux, VxWorks, eCos, Neutrino among others.

Standard & Certification
Model & Prototyping
Custom Manufacturing


We guarantee in our projects meeting all national and international standards that our customers establish as premises, including providing the necessary certification in official agencies if requested.

We have qualified personnel to meet all stages of your product development, ranging from design and modeling to industrial prototype, including technical documentation, manuals, drawings and diagrams, printed circuit boards, training.

Through highly specialized partners, we develop the entire production process of your product, customize and manage the logistics supply chain to ensure the final quality of products delivered to the customer.