Passenger Information System


In partnership with Synthesys Sistemas de Informação, we designed and manufacture one of the most modern passenger information system in the market, fully modular, user configurable and flexible programming, capable of meeting the highest standards and specifications required by the metro-rail and automotive industry. Result of our extensive experience in embedded systems, the SCM -200 was designed to meet the requirements of the EN-50155 standard.

The SCM-200 is composed by:

- Digital sound system

- Unlimited pre-recorded messages

- LED or LCD text displays

- External destination display

- Dynamic route map

- Multimedia terminals

- Emergency intercom

- Comunication by radio VHF, UHF, GSM or VoIP

- System integration by MVB, CAN or Ethernet

- Video surveillance cameras

- Digital NVR

- Security black box

- Redundant Ethernet switches with M12 connection