Digital Public Address System

Som Digital

The SYNTHESYS SCE- 220 system concept seeks simplicity in operation, configuration, programming, installation and maintenance, which are cost factors often neglected in the evaluation of public address systems. The system's heart is the AFD-220 intelligent digital speaker connected to K -LINK bus, equipped with Class-D amplifiers and digital signal processors that control locally all the fundamental characteristics of a perfect sound, such as equalization, ambient noise compensation, logarithmic compression, digital delay, within others.


The whole system is digital, including the transmission to the speakers, ensuring absolute fidelity in the information conveyed and high energy eficiency. The high energy eficiency enables a significant reduction in operation cost when compared with conventional analog systems.



The system is designed to operate automatically but manual operation, when necessary, can be made ​​from a local or remote touch screen terminal where the operator selects the location, peripheral group or individual peripheral and information being presented. Audio information can be pre-recorded or live by microphone, in this case providing the most sophisticated means of equalization, suppression of ambient noise and increased audibility.


As K- LINK bus is fully digital, allows simultaneous transmission of audio and information to visual elements like wall clocks and LCD panels that complement the system and operate integrated.



- Fully digital system
- Audio information
- Visual information

- Chronometry

- K -LINK bus

- Simple UTP Cat5 cabling

- Exemption racks and equipment rooms

- Intuitive operation, simple and straightforward

- Two independent audio channels

- Up to 16,000 addressable speakers

- Integration with other systems via Ethernet

- Extremely low energy consumption

- Easy expansion

- Loudspeakers diagnosis in real time