Produtos da Família SCE-220

AFD-220 - Digital Loudspeaker

The Digital Speaker AFD-220 is the ideal solution for public address from small to large scale information systems. Through the K-LINK* bus, information is transmitted from the source to the most remote in all-digital way ensuring complete integrity.


Each unit is a complete digital audio system that has its own class-D digital amplifier providing high efficiency, very low noise and high fidelity playback of various audio programs. Thanks to all-digital bus, there are no quality losses like in typical analog audio systems such as bass damping due to transformers, treble losses due to long cables and induction noise from the electrical installation, lamps and motors.


Moreover AFD-220 is internally equipped with a state of the art digital signal processor DSP, responsible for performing all complex digital processing functions of information, ensuring a high audibility index with the greatest possible efficiency. Within the various functions available internally to the Speaker, we highlight:


  • Full digital audio @ 44.1/48Ksps

  • Active system with embedded DSP

  • High eficency (>80% @10Wrms)

  • Ambient noise compensation

  • Individually ajustable digital delay

  • Dynamic compression

  • 3, 7, 9 band parametric equalizer

  • Individually addressable

  • Self diagnosis

  • Designed and manufactured in Brazil.

TCC-220 - Control Terminal

The Control Terminal TCC-220 is the central element of digital sound system SYNTHESYS SCE-220. In addition to be the local operator interface, manages all existing peripherals in K-LINK network generating full reports of system diagnostics, including the digital loudspeakers. The terminal controls the audio-diffusion systems with digital speakers AFD-220 and the visual information performed by the CLK-220 wall clocks and DSD and DSI information panels families.


Easy to set up, the terminal allows the creation of custom screens with macro-commands preset audio-visual information, which can be arranged in the form of operating profiles, adapting to the characteristics of each operator. The system configuration is password protected and composed by audiovisual message files, trigger events, music, parameterization of digital speakers and control panels. It can be performed locally or remotely without additional software.


  • Manage K-LINK network

  • Direct operation on LCD screen (touch screen)

  • Intuitive screens for easy operation

  • Allows user profile configuration

  • Programmable macro keys commands

  • Pre-recorded audio messages and text 

  • Operates the local modes, remote and slave 

  • Built-in microphone for announcements and VoIP communication

  • Interface with other systems via Ethernet network

UAC-220 Acess Unit

As a Digital Audio Center and Visual Information (PA/PIS), the access unit is responsible for the audiovisual information distribution to the public, composed by audio and text, received via central unit ethernet network or locally generated from configuration files. The connection between the UAC-220 and the information elements (speakers and panels) is performed by a proprietary digital multipoint bus K-Link, responsible for ensuring the quality of information distributed throughout the network. In standalone mode, messages can also be triggered by external events, such as time or a control input state change.


The Access Unit Chronometry Center module operates as NTP server and can uses a GPS-200 receiver connected to one of its RS-485 interfaces or a higher level NTP server as reference. Provides synchronized output for LCD wall clocks by K-Link bus and pulses by a dry contact output for analog watches.


  • Digital Audio Center

  • Timebase server

  •  Media Storage

  •  Remote configuration

  •  Event Log

  • Digital audio interface K-LINK

  • 100Mbps Ethernet port

  • RS-485 Serial communication port

  • USB Interface

  • 600Ω audio line for integration with analog systems

  • Digital inputs and outputs for control

  • Self diagnosis

PG-05 Gooseneck Microphone

The PG- 05 gooseneck microphone has an embedded audio processor, USB interface and mechanical robustness allowing its use in adverse environmental conditions. The internal audio processing, includes automatic gain control ( AGC ), dynamic compressor and suppression of ambient noise by adaptive filters, provides significant improvement in overall system intelligibility on live PA and operating comfort.


  • Digital audio @48Ksps 

  • Automatic gain control

  • Digital ambient noise reduction

  • Dynamic compressor

  • USB interface

  • Electret microphone

  • Base with capacitive "PTT" button

  • Self diagnosis

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