The Company

Syspac Eletrônica is an engineering company that develops, licenses and manufactures products in the areas of telecommunications, security and embedded systems. We are specialized in signal processing and real-time systems for critical applications.

Founded in 1988 by a group of engineers coming from the military systems and industrial automation areas, Syspac was created with the aim of offering products and high quality solutions at competitive price, which by Brazilian creativity better addressed to the local market full of imported solutions. This formula resulted in a "design house" fully differentiated and today a reference in Brazil for development in DSP and other high-performance architectures.


In the 1990s our performance stood out mainly in the ​​industrial automation market with the development of S-300, the first industrial computer to factory floor manufactured in Brazil. In the millennium with the "government universal telephony program", we work with PBX manufacturers and carriers in the development of Signaling Converters, ISDN gateways, R2 protocol, as well as peripherals and accessories for PABX like Voicemail systems, Voice Response Units (IVR), VoIP trunking. Over the past decade we have mainly devoted to metro-rail sector, developing passenger information systems today used by São Paulo Metro and operators in Germany, the Netherlands and Argentina.


Currently our team of highly skilled engineers is prepared to offer solutions in hardware and software development platforms for critical applications, embedded systems, fault tolerant architectures, telecommunications equipment and metro-rail systems among others. Our development services ranging from architectural design to the monitoring of production through detailing, specification of components, printed circuit layout, supplier development, as well as generating all project documentation, manuals, installation and maintenance.

Strategic partners

In more than 10 years of partnership with Synthesys Sistemas de Informação Ltda, company highly specialized in embedded systems and metro-rail application, developed three generations of sophisticated Passenger Information Systems and we are on the way to breaking new paradigms in development and manufacturing of high performance products in Brazil.






Since 2001 we are a reference in Brazil for the development of products based on high-performance components to some of the most important global semiconductor manufacturer such as Texas Instruments (one of the first companies in South America to participate in the "Third-Party" program and have their DSP algorithms approved in eXpressDSP standard) and Cypress Semiconductor as SoC technology experts in Cypros program.



Some of our customers of products and engineering services:

NEC, Intelbrás, Embratel, IBM do Brasil, Dersa, Global Crossing, Grupo ABC, Metal Leve, Supergauss, Compsis, Motores Cummins, INCOR, Compugraf, WEG Automação, Rhodia, GOL, Grameyer, Lucent, FM Infosystems GmbH, Tesc, Iesa, Siemens, Alstom, Metrô-SP, Metrovias (AR).


We represent in Brazil GoNet, a company specialized in outdoor wireless WiFi networks for large public areas coverage through Beamforming technology.

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